The Terms & Conditions relating to offers are detailed below. Not all offers are available on all developments and where they are available will only be on select plots, please contact the sales team at your chosen development to see which plots qualify.

County Town Homes reserves the right to withdraw any or all offers at any time prior to the receipt of a full reservation fee of £1,000 and or where exchange of contracts does not occur within 6 weeks of a full reservation.

General Incentives, County Town Homes may offer incentives to promote the last few remaining plots on a development. Where this is the case, these incentives will be time-bound, meaning that you will need to meet an exchange of contracts or sales completion deadline, or both. The details of the deadline will be agreed with you at the point of confirming the sale. Should a situation arise where it is apparent that you are likely to fail to meet the deadline(s) County Town Homes reserves the right to withdraw the offer.


Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: The Sunlit Boost Package is available on select plots at Wrottesley Village, including 4-bed detached homes, 3-bed semi-detached homes, and 2-bed bungalows. Availability is limited to these specific properties and on select plots.

Availability: The offer is available between 10am on the 7th May and ends at 5pm on 20th June 2024. This offer is available for the first three reservations, on eligible plots. Once three reservations are agreed, the offer will be closed.

Installation: Solar panel and battery installation will be conducted during the conveyancing process and completed prior to the new owner’s move-in. Installation details and specifications will be communicated to the buyer during the purchase process.

Warranty: The solar panels and battery included in this offer come with a standard manufacturer’s 12-month warranty.

Reservation Process: Interested buyers will be made aware of which plots qualify for the Sunlit Boost Package. A £1,000 reservation fee* is required, which will be deducted from the final purchase price upon completion. Contracts must be exchanged within 6 weeks of reservation, with completion no later than 4 weeks after exchange.

Construction Delays: In the event of construction/installation delays, County Town Homes will inform the buyer and collaborate to establish a realistic alternative completion date. County Town Homes cannot be held liable for any additional costs incurred due to construction delays.

Offer Limitation: The Sunlit Boost Package cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and has no cash alternative. County Town Homes reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

Offer withdrawal: County Town Homes reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time during the promotion. Where the offer is withdrawn, we reserve the right to provide no other offer or incentive in its place.


Early Bird reservations, can only be placed on selected plots at selected developments, and against plots which are yet to be released for open market sale, to buyers who are in a proceedable position.

Offers, are on selected plots only and are subject to availability.

Once your plot is due to be released for sale, we will provide notice to you prior to general release to seek confirmation you intend to proceed to a full reservation. You will have 48 hours to confirm or withdraw your intention to proceed. If, for any reason, you are going to be away for a period of time, prior to receipt of this notice, we would ask you to advise our sales team to avoid disappointment.

If we do not hear from you within the 48-hour period, the plot will be released for sale on the open market.

The Early Bird reservation fee of £150, is fully refundable if you do not proceed to full reservation when the plot is released for sale, as long as you confirm within the 48-hour period that you do not wish to proceed. On proceeding with a full reservation your early bird reservation will be put towards the £1,000 full reservation fee, resulting in a further payment of £850 becoming due.

Timescale, Early Bird reservation fees will hold your preferred plot for up to 6 calendar months or until the time your plot is due for release on the open market, whichever is the sooner.

The balance, of the reservation fee must be paid upon full reservation.

Asking prices, please note prices for similar house types available currently or in future releases are not indicative of pricing at the point your preferred plot is due for release.

The Anticipated Build Completion Date, where provided, is a provisional date only which can be affected by many factors. The Purchasers should be aware that neither the Vendor nor County Town Homes will be liable for any cost loss or expenses incurred by the Purchaser or any third party if this date is not achieved.

Amendments, County Town Homes reserve the right to amend proposed developments in-line with planning regulations and market demand.

Allocation, Early Bird reservations are strictly allocated to the person(s) reserving and are non-transferrable. Only one reservation per customer is permitted at any individual Development.

Withdrawn, Early Bird reservations are offered at the discretion of County Town Homes and may be withdrawn at any time prior to the payment of the full reservation fee. Where this occurs the Early Bird Fee (£150) will be refunded in full.

Refund, the buyer will receive a full refund on their Early Bird Reservation payment on the basis that they notify the seller that they do not wish to proceed at any time up to and preceding the 48 hour notice period. Outside this period the seller will retain the £150 in lieu of their administrative costs.

The advertised offer, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer on the same plot unless expressly stated otherwise.

Exchange of contracts, must occur within 6 weeks of the full reservation date of your selected property, unless otherwise stated.

Upgrades & finishes, the ability to choose upgrades and finishes will depend on the build stage, your sales advisor will update you on what options are available, on which plots, up to the cut-off date where no further changes/omissions/additions can be considered.


The following terms and conditions are applicable to anyone who takes up the offer of County Town Homes assisting with the sale of their existing home and is only available on selected developments and plots.  Please contact the sales team at your chosen development to find out which plots qualify.

Those who take advantage of this offer agree to;

  • County Town Homes appointing a nominated estate agent who will market and sell your current property.
  • Having no involvements over which estate agent County Town Homes instruct, or the terms of that appointment.
  • County Town Homes paying the estate agent’s commission up to a maximum of £10,000 (inclusive of VAT) for marketing and selling their existing property provided they legally complete on the purchase of the County Town Homes’ property which was a plot included within this offer.
  • Allow reasonable access to your property for viewings and survey purposes and to co-operate fully with our estate agents in their endeavours to market and sell your current property.
  • Not instruct another estate agent to sell their existing property until their Home to Home agreement has ended, that no party is currently negotiating to purchase their existing property and that no introduction has already been made by another party.
  • Indemnify County Town Homes where any existing contract with an estate agent cannot be cancelled without penalty, or if there is a penalty for dual agency agree that County Town Homes will not be liable for any extra fees as County Town Homes cannot be responsible for obligations contained in third party contracts.

Please note: that you will be liable for cancelling your agreement with your existing estate agent and for any abortive costs or dual agency fees according to your contract with them.

County Town Homes will provisionally reserve your chosen plot for 4 weeks. However, we will continue to discretely market the plot and reserve the right to sell the plot to a processable purchaser until an acceptable offer is received for your current property, where the chain below is complete.

Upon agreeing a proceedable sale on your current home County Town Homes will take a reservation fee of £1,000. In the event the sale does not proceed or exchange of contracts does not occur within 6 weeks of the full reservation date, County Town Homes shall repay the Reservation Fee to the purchaser less a deduction to cover the reasonable administration and other costs reasonably incurred by County Town Homes in processing and holding the reservation fee. The range of deductions may vary between 0% and 100% of the reservation fee. The usual deduction in such circumstances is £750.

Window Coverings (Curtains/Blinds and poles) & Flooring offers can be selected from any of our ranges up to the maximum value of the offer or remaining credit where the value is less than that advertised.


Is available on select plots on select developments and is only open to those who are buying their only or main residence and have never owned a freehold or a leasehold interest in a residential property in the UK or abroad, also referred to as First Time Buyers.

County Town Homes will offer First Time Buyers a credit up to a maximum value equal to 10% of the agreed sale price of their qualifying plot. The value includes VAT where applicable and can be redeemed against a deposit contribution to a maximum of 5% of the value of the property (subject to lenders criteria), window and floor coverings from any range being offered by County Town Homes (subject to availability) and legal fees and disbursements (excluding Stamp Duty).

The offer is only available on homes that will be the applicant’s main residence and not for investment or used as a second home. This offer is only valid for purchasers who are First Time Buyers and proof of this may need to be provided.

Window coverings (curtains/blinds and poles) and flooring can be chosen from any of the County Town Homes range (subject to availability) up to the maximum of the available credit not used across the other elements of this offer. Where the value exceeds the offer, the buyer would be required to pay the difference upon sales completion.

Legal fees and disbursements will be covered up to the value of the available credit not used across the other elements of this offer. Where the value exceeds the offer, the buyer would be required to settle the difference directly with their legal representative, subject to their terms and conditions.

The 5% Deposit Contribution offer is available on selected developments and plots only and is not available with any other offer. A contribution of up to a maximum of 5% deposit payable at the time of completion and is subject to lenders criteria.


£300,000 agreed sale price would qualify for a maximum £30,000 credit which could consist of:
£15,000 deposit contribution (subject to lenders criteria)
£12,000 curtains, blinds and carpets
£3,000 legal fees.
£30,000 Total

Only one offer may be used in the purchase of a property and is not available with any other offer.
There is no cash alternative to the value of this offer and County Town Homes reserve the right to withdraw it at any time.